WinterCoww is a notable player for being the first player other than PythonicDuck to join SchoolRP, because of this he achieved co-owner status as soon as the server started, and he helped moderate as well.


Before the server, WinterCoww owned a small community server, he used this to show PythonicDuck plugins that he had and inspired him. WinterCoww eventually closed down his server however as he was going to dedicate his time to SchoolRP.


Chapter I

WinterCoww found PythonicDuck on a Planet Minecraft forum, there WinterCoww volunteered to be a part of SchoolRP. As PythonicDuck befriended WinterCoww, PythonicDuck put WinterCoww as Co-Owner. He first of helped administrating and setting up the server, when the server kicked off, he got all the teachers and developers Skype to keep in close contact with them.

Chapter II

Two players named iJebb and iJosh joined, WinterCoww befriended them and got their skype, they became great friends and WinterCoww nominated the two players to be administrators, PythonicDuck accepted the inquiry and the two of them became Head-Admins

Chapter III

Due to PythonicDuck getting annoyed at the trio's disobedient behavior, they got demoted down to a normal player status, however, they still had permissions to edit the world, and they used these powers to delete the whole entire world and cause major damage. As soon as this happened, PythonicDuck temporarily closed down the server to rollback to the last save and remove their permissions. WinterCoww, iJebb & iJosh then attempted to berate PythonicDuck on skype, shortly afterwards, WinterCoww contacted Sodex234 and convinced him to work for them, WinterCoww also then contacted several other teachers to join PythonicDuck. It seemed to be a success for WinterCoww.

WinterCoww helped with iJebb & iJosh's server and became the new co-owner of it, the server lasted for about one month.

Chapter IV

WinterCoww left iJebb & iJosh's server for an unknown reason, soon afterwards iJebb's & iJosh's server collapsed. iJebb & iJosh got angry with WinterCoww and because of this they were no longer friends, WinterCoww had lost contact with the whole SchoolRP Community and iJebb and iJosh.

Chapter V

Almost 6 months later, WinterCoww rejoined the server under an alternate account, he wanted to convince PythonicDuck to put him back at a Co-Owner rank, after realizing that he couldn't achieve this status again, he left the server permanently. He was never seen again in the roleplaying community.

Previous and Current Ranks

  • Co-Owner of SchoolRP
  • Owner of WinterCoww's Community Server
  • Owner of WinterCoww's, iJebb's & iJosh's Server
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