Vintix was a player with OP status and was a Co-Owner at one point alongside Ryanark.


Before the server, Vintix was a avid PvP player and was well-known in the PvP Minecraft community.


Chapter I

Vintix got accepted as a teacher, he was active on TeamSpeak3 and eventually got recognized for this. Ryanark suggested to give him OP as at the time, the only administrator was Ryanark. Duckings accepted and he became OP.

Chapter II

Vintix became a teacher for a long period of time (a few months), he was one of the people who disliked and predicted a bad outcome from giving Okami_Artist and other ShallWeCraft members Creative mode and a free house. however at one point his internet connection was failing and the administrators, Ryanark and Duckings decided to demote him for this. Vintix accepted this and rejoined the PvP community. He

Chapter III

Vintix joined the server again a lot longer after with a rare Minecraft username he brought, by the name of 'Pulse.' He wanted to check out the server and praised it, he then eventually logged off. From here on, he occasionally comes on and checks on the server.

Previous and Current Ranks

  • Co-Owner on SchoolRP
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