The_Lee_God was once an administrator on SchoolRP.

The Beginning

Jeremy at the age of 12 got minecraft for the first time. Before minecraft he jumped around from webiste to thread, Rping with active people in live chats. Once he got on Minecraft he started looking for something more interactive when it came to his Roleplaying. He wanted to do more and actually see when the character sees. This is when he ran into a little Server by the name of ArouraAcademy. He ran into back in 2015 and it was very rough around the edges and it was using a schematic map. There were very little commands but it was enough to make 14 year old lee happy.

Discovering SchoolRp.

Later that same year he would find Schoolrp in its "Furnace Academy" stage while he was looking for rp minecraft servers. Now at the time, He didn't know much about it, It used the same map at Aroura Academy but was Much better polished and had many helpful commands and many different things put into which made it on a whole other tier than the old server. This was before he knew about teamspeak or before discord was created. This was before he actually started talking to people.

Making himself Known

During the second map of schoolrp. He was discovered to discord and the and all the other people who were on the server who had made their own public servers on it. He had made a group of friends but even then, He still didn't know about one thing, The forums and rules. During the second map, Schoolrp started cracking down and making more and more rules. He wasn't aware of that and soon enough he got himself banned. Once that happened he decided to log himself on the forums and would constantly make sure that he was doing something on the rules.

The Breakoff

During this time. He was in a relationship with someone who was also on the server with him. They would talk and have fun all the time on the rp server. But after a while, Things got toxic in his relationship. The girl became toxic and bi-polar. He was constantly having breakdowns over her spastic behavior. That when he completely shut down and took a break from everything. He would barely get on and would only get on for maybe an hour at a time. He went M.I.A from schoolrp.

The comeback

After maybe a half a year or so. He decided to come back to the ol' server and give it a shot. It was a tad bit different. Had a different map and the community matured just a little bit. Everything was looking stable. He started getting into calls and starting to get familiar with the other staff and before he knew it. He became a staff member himself.

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