Sodex234 was the first developer to join the server, and the second player to ever join the server. He helped

create the very first custom plugins for the server.


Sodex234 owned a test server for his plugins before and after SchoolRP, he also was very well known on the 'Planet Minecraft' community and helped create plugins for free for many servers.


Chapter I

PythonicDuck contacted Sodex234 on Planet Minecraft and requested if he could help develop the server in exchange for operative and developer status on SchoolRP. Sodex234 agreed to these terms and as soon as the server started he was the second player to join, Sodex234 didn't spend too much time on the server but helped develop plugins. The first plugin he developed was a scoreboard plugin showing the time. He later went on to build plugins that could make you do /raisehand to raise your hand.

Chapter II

Sodex234 became great friends of WinterCoww and iJebb & iJosh. When WinterCoww, iJebb & iJosh got fired, Sodex234 joined them and said to PythonicDuck it was because of him feeling rushed as PythonicDuck asked him 'when is it done' on occasional times, Sodex234 also tried to grief it after they left, but failed. Sodex234 transferred all his previous plugins to WinterCoww's server and helped develop plugins for them. Sodex234 at one point threatened to sue PythonicDuck for keeping his plugins, PythonicDuck deleted the plugins as he felt like he no longer needed them.

Chapter III

When WinterCoww's server closed down, a few months later Sodex234 messaged PythonicDuck on Skype claiming that he now hated iJebb & iJosh due to their immaturity and lost all contact with WinterCoww. PythonicDuck refused Sodex234's offer as he no longer trusted him. A few months after that, iJebb, iJosh and Sodex234 came on the server with multiple alternate accounts and VPN's to try and harass the server, they quickly gave up after only 10 minutes. Sodex234 was never seen again but has tried contacting PythonicDuck multiple types on Skype.

Previous and Current Ranks

  • Developer on SchoolRP
  • Developer on WinterCoww's, iJebb's & iJosh's Server 
  • Owner of Sodex234's Test Server ✔
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