SchoolRP is a well known player on SchoolRP and has become teacher four times and has the notable stat of having taught over 750+ classes!


SchoolRP Joined the server around late 2015 to early 2016. When SchoolRP joined the server he was banned multiple times for FailRP this was all before the times of /looc being added


Chapter I

Around late 2015 to early 2016 SchoolRP joined the server. At this time it was during the early days of the first map. He continued to play, being an active person of the original enjin forums community.

Previous and Current ranks

Normal player - ✔

P.E Teacher (Head of department) - ✘

P.E Teacher (Head of department) x2 - ✘

History Teacher (NQD) - ✔

History Teacher (Head of Department) ✘


Football-Team ✔

Black Market Dealer ✘

Head Chef ✘

Patrol Officer ✘


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