Ronip is a notable player for receiving Co-Owner on SchoolRP, but got demoted after less than two days.


Not a lot is known about Ronip's history, but he was a good friend of Valkyeie, a Co-Owner who recently retired at the time.


Chapter I

Due to the lack of teachers, PythonicDuck noticed Ronip's activity and offered him a spot as a teacher, Ronip accepted this request and for the first two weeks he began teaching lessons in the server to teachers. Many administrators didn't know him on a personal level, but they had no complaints with him either.

Chapter II

Two weeks after recieving his teacher rank, the server needed more administrators as the server only had two at the time. PythonicDuck offered Ronip a teachers rank and Ronip helped administrate, however, he was reported for immaturity and it was found out that he was giving out items to players as a teacher. Within less than a day, he was demoted and banned.

Previous and Current Ranks

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