Okami_Artist is the current owner of the server 'ShallWeCraft' or 'SWC' and was famous for being one of the first to achieve

the YouTube rank.


Before joining the server, Okami_Artist was the owner of a server called 'Shall We Craft', a community-based server that hosts minigames regularly.


Chapter I

Okami_Artist joined the server after some of her friends joined the server. Her friends achieved the 'V.I.P status' and the Creative gamemode to build a house, this caused her to join. Vintix did not like the idea of them having creative and V.I.P status, but the owners ignored Vintix. Okami_Artist eventually did a livestream on the server that gained 60 views, because of Okami_Artist being on the server a even more popular Youtuber by the name of 'SirCutieYuki' joined the server and got creative status.

Chapter II

Eventually, Duckings did not like that they were abusing their cosmetics to get to unauthorized places. Ducks removed their permissions and this caused a heated debate, InhaleMyBanter stood up to Ducks and they both got into a argument, InhaleMyBanter got banned for around nine centuries. Eventually, they left. This caused heated amount of drama between the two servers. They started to ban people from their TeamSpeak3 for alleged 'spying' and 'causing drama', SirCutieYuki came on at one point and requested that their YouTube statues be taken off the 'Wall of Youtubers.' Officer_Relew, a V.I.P and a friend of Okami_Artist abused his V.I.P ranks and decided to attempt to grief the server along with other Shall We Craft members. They only succeeded in griefing a house that one of there's made.

Chapter III

Okami_Artist and her friends (including InhaleMyBanter who is now unbanned) decided to roleplay on the server once more, they did it a few times before and they seemingly came on the server occasionally as they enjoyed it. When Duckings teleported MeggerGamer, a good friend of Okami_Artists, out of their roleplay situation to discuss why her application got accepted, they were enraged. MeggerGamer was extremely upset by this and requested for herself to be banned. Ducks IP-Banned MeggerGamer but little did he know that MeggerGamer's sister was also on the server, so she was banned too causing a large amount of drama. Okami_Artist requested a immediate meeting with Ducks and for three hours they complained about how swearing was allowed, how the server was inappropriate, how MeggerGamers sister was banned. Nothing came out of the debate.

Chapter IV

InhaleMyBanter played on the server a lot by himself and became friends with the staff team. When InhaleMyBanter went back to 'Shall We Craft' Okami_Artist disliked this and demoted him. InhaleMyBanter later joined the SchoolRP staff team because of this.

Previous and Current Ranks

  • Owner of 'ShallWeCraft'
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