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Lvl8, formally known as Valkyeie, was a senior administrator on SchoolRP.


Before becoming a Senior Administrator, Lvl8 was a teacher known as Yuuji_Kazami. Yuuji_Kazami got banned for immaturity, however, Ryanark unbanned him. Duckings didn't know that Yuuji_Kazami was the same person Ryanark had unbanned because he changed name, but he let it happen anyways. Yuuji_Kazami stayed on the server with a teacher rank.


Chapter I

After Ryanark had left for the second time, Lofken had just became a moderator. Due to Duckings wanting another moderator and Lofken being the only one, he decided to put Lvl8 as one too. They eventually got ranked up to Administrator, then Senior Administrator.

Chapter II

After a very long time of being a senior administrator, Lvl8 was not happy about Ryanark being a moderator and eventually began to act unprofessional in front of the staff team. Lofken, InhaleMyBanter and Duckings made the desicion to demote him. Lvl8 was not happy about this, but he eventually accepted it.

Previous and Current Ranks

  • Moderator on SchoolRP
  • Administrator on SchoolRP
  • Senior Administrator on SchoolRP