Lonathy is a notable player for being one of the first people to join Sci-Fi RP and become the second active Owner/Head Administrator ad the time. He later went on to become Co-Owner on SchoolRP aswell. He was also the first donator on Sci-FiRP.


Not a lot is known about Lonathy's history, he was one of the few people who joined Sci-FiRP as his first server and not SchoolRP.


Chapter I

Lonathy entered Sci-FiRP and enjoyed it a lot, he became one of the most active players on Sci-FiRP and eventually became the first donator on Sci-FiRP. Ryanark took notice to this and befriended Lonathy, later on, Ryanark convinced PythonicDuck to befriend Lonathy as well, Lonathy only got Co-Owner on Sci-FiRP when they all got invited to a skype call. A few days later, however, Sci-FiRP closed down to mass amounts of lag with the plugins, because of this his rank got transferred over to SchoolRP.

Chapter II

Lonathy did a good job administrating with Ryanark, however, due to PythonicDuck's absence they accused PythonicDuck of leaving them to do all the work, both Ryanark and Lonathy decided to retire from the server and start their own server together. Their server was a Factions based server with a relatively low player base, but they enjoyed working on it.

Chapter III

It is unknown why Lonathy and Ryanark stopped their server, but it is expected to be because of their low playerbase. Even though Lonathy, Ryanark and PythonicDuck agreed to cut contacts with each other, Ryanark made the desicion to request to come back as Administrators, PythonicDuck agreed to this and put them on trial once again to help administrate the server. Within a week they regained their title as Co-Owner, because of this several old players rejoined the server as they previously left because the two beloved co-owners left.

Chapter IV

After a long duration of playing on the server he made a thread on the website saying that he was under too much stress recently and he wanted to take a break, he never ended up coming back and due to this he lost his rank as Co-Owner.

Previous and Current Ranks

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