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Lofken, formally known as Moustachiio, is a server senior administrator. As of now, he is one of the two senior



Lofken has been on the server since 2015, he was an active player.


Chapter I

Lofken applied for a Teaching Assistant rank and got accepted. He never resigned from this rank and was active.

Chapter II

Duckings was alone in a channel after Ryanark had resigned for the second time, Lofken joined the channel and Duckings offered him a spot as a moderator. He accepted, he also later became friends with Lvl8 as Duckings also gave him a moderator.

Chapter III

Lofken became an Administrator, then a Senior Administrator fairly shortly afterward along with Lvl8. They became well-known staff on the server and helped employ other staff members such as Kasss. They were also the ones who opted in the decision to recruit InhaleMyBanter.

Chapter IV

After a few months of being a Senior Administrator, the staff team noticed Lvl8's immaturity. Lofken made the decision along with other staff members to demote Lvl8, after that he remained as the only senior administrator.