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InhaleMyBanter, formally known as InhaleMyDuck, was an administrator on SchoolRP and a previous builder and curator

on ShallWeCraft.


InhaleMyDuck once joined the server for a few brief moments back in 2015, but he never made contact with the staff. He was a builder on ShallWeCraft who eventually got promoted to the rank 'Curator.' He would then end up getting demoted from ShallWeCraft later becoming a Mod and then Admin before getting demoted once more. He now plays as a normal player with College-Dean rank.


Chapter I

InhaleMyDuck, along with many other of Okami_Artists friends joined the server and received the tag 'VIP.' They also get creative because of this and some got a donator rank.

Chapter II

Okami_Artist got her donator rights removed from Duckings, this deeply angered InhaleMyDuck and he, therefore, started to argue with Duckings. Duckings ended up getting fed up with this and banned InhaleMyDuck for 52 billion years as a practical joke.

Chapter III

InhaleMyDuck apologized to Ryanark and he was unbanned. He got into another dispute with Duckings however when Duckings accidentally banned MeggerGamers sister and allowed swearing on the server. After two long hours, the dispute ended with no outcome. No one was banned because of this.

Chapter VI

InhaleMyDuck began to play on the server a lot more, Okami_Artist did not as this and InhaleMyDuck got demoted. InhaleMyDuck became more active on the SchoolRP TeamSpeak3 and ended up getting Moderator, soon afterward he became an administrator.

Chapter VII

After an argument with staff, Banter gets demoted, he gets his fellow staff members, Adym and Uninstructed quit the staff team to be with Banter.

Chapter IX

After Banter gets demoted he creates a discord server and as well as playing on other servers, he also made a Factions server which he quickly ended. After Adym goes back to SRP, Banter begins to want to join SchoolRP, He applies to become a teacher.

Chapter X

Banter gets accepted as a teacher, He then never teaches any class. According to a message he put on his discord server

"I’ll use this discord to tell you all besides going into PMs. for the past month and a half, I have not set up my pc, with this, I just really don’t care to come online anymore so I’m just gonna leave it unplugged and such. This basically means I’m not going to come back online as I also want to just get on with my social life. I also find this a good time as it will officially be the start of summer tomorrow so I will start my new chapter! Anyway, I will leave this discord as it is but if you wanna leave go ahead it will just be another dead discord on your list. Cya nerds"

Previous and Current Ranks

  • Curator on 'ShallWeCraft'
  • Builder on 'ShallWeCraft'
  • Moderator on 'ShallWeCraft'
  • Moderator on SchoolRP
  • Administrator on SchoolRP 
  • College-Dean on SchoolRP