Hobbits is currently a Moderator on SchoolRP. He spends a majority of his time fixing OOC problems and looking at the server.


The player Hobbits has first joined the server around June, 2016. Before joining SchoolRP, Hobbits played on a few small Roleplay servers at the time and eventually earned Forum Admin on one of the servers! These servers would eventually shut down...


Chapter I.

Hobbits first joined SchoolRP on June, 2016. He joined on the first map, Furness Academy. With little information - Hobbits received notice on Enjin, where he was the first ever player to have an accepted student application. After Roleplaying for around 3 days on the server, Hobbits began to write forum posts on how to help players in SchoolRP. These threads included:

  • [Guide] School RP & Useful commands 101
  • [Guide] Teacher Applications 101

With that however Hobbits slowly became inactive until heading over to the second map, Taketatsu.

Chapter II.

Previous and Current Ranks

  • Administrator on SchoolRP
  • Moderator on SchoolRP
  • Trial-Moderator on SchoolRP ✘
  • Forum Admin on Alvaeron ✘
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