He's a SENIOR Admin on the minecraft server 'School Roleplay.' He's also really hot ngl.


Literally a kid who lived in a Townhouse but somehow managed to work his way up to S.A


Chapter I

Jymm joined the server and met S.A. Adym who loved him so much he made Jymm be on the football team.

Chapter II

A lot of staff were like 'youre really cool Jymm' and so Jymm applied for staff.

Chapter III

He became staff member and changed his name to Fayble

Chapter IV

He worked his way up to Admin then quit and came back a few months later and became S.A.

COMPLETELY OFF TOPIC BUT look he is hot[1]

Screenshot taken on the creative server when he went afk in the corner cloud_divider's plot, where cloud began to fangirl. We just love Charles.

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