DarkwingRose is a former staff member of SchoolRP, he was the previous 11/7 owner, and trial-moderator in 2018 and was one of three staff members that were demoted during the start of 2018.


DarkwingRose joined sometime in mid-2017 and donated for OmegaKid during this time, and later became the 11/7 owner and in 2018 a trial moderator. He was demoted 1 month later.


Chapter I

DarkwingRose joined in around September 2017, and later donated for OmegaKid rank.

Chapter II

DarkwingRose had gotten the shop owner rank for the very popular 11/7, and around this time he had promoted _JustMeNick, a player who would soon be seen as a nuisance

Chapter III

Dark soon applies for staff member as many staff members had gotten demoted, and they needed new moderators to take their places. He initially got denied, but was later given a second chance by Duckings By this time, both _JustMeNick and DarkwingRose were planning to make a new server called "CityRP".

Chapter IV

A month later, DarkwingRose was demoted from his position, and later joined _JustMeNick in the development of CityRP.

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