Adym used to be a senior administrator on SchoolRP before he resigned so that he could pay attention to getting a degree (as he is in college) He is welcome back to the community anytime.


Adym was a fairly unknown player before he applied to become a Maths Teacher on SRP where he would later join SchoolRP's Team Speak and would rise the ranks, becoming friends with staff very quickly, which helped with him getting recommended to become a staff member (due to the fact, you couldn't apply at the time)


Chapter I

Adym joined the server and later applied for a teacher on the forums. The application got accepted and he did multiple classes.

Eventually, due to administrator recommendations, he got the rank 'moderator.'

Chapter II

Adym later got promoted to administrator due to his hard work.

Chapter II

Adym would later get promoted to Senior-Administrator

Chapter IV

Adam would leave and resign as Senior-Administrator so that he could focus on academics and getting a degree. As of 2018 he still does check in with SchoolRP and hangs out with current staff from time to time.

Previous and Current Ranks

  • Moderator on SchoolRP
  • Administrator on SchoolRP
  • Senior-Administrator on SchoolRP
  • Default Player on SchoolRP
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