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8us was a moderator on SchoolRP between the 14 Of May - 31 of May, in which, his biggest achievement was quickly passing off of trial (assumed to of been 4 days, dont quote me on that)


8us has been playing on the server since 2016, he is still, currently a active player.


Chapter I

8us joined the forums on October 17th 2017 in which he would actively begin to actively post replies as well as Status Updates on the forums, not making a proper 'thread' until just a day after he joined the server in which he applied to be able to learn the german language.

Chapter II

8us formed the gang 'East Side Havoc' which took the GangRP stage by storm, gaining huge attractions as the new 'Wild Dogs', some of the more well known members include, [Lee God|The_Lee_God], Im6 and [(Player)|SchoolRP] to name a few. ESH or 'East Side Havoc' is considered to be one of the major contributors for him being accepted as a staff member at the time, due to the fact, everyone knew him from, either being in the gang or knowing about it.

Chapter III

8us applied to become a staff member in which he was accepted. He would continue to serve the role of 'Trial Mod' for an apparent 4 days before being moved off of Trial.

Chapter IV

8us would then, on the 31 of May would post a formal [[1]] stating his reason for leaving, in which he stated he was resigning due to struggling with School work and Finals

Chapter V

8us would come back in around 3 months time (August) and would apply for Mod again in which he was sadly denied.

Chapter VI

8us still currently plays on this server till this day and is an active member of the community.

Chapter VII

8us is permanently banned from the server for advertising, the ban was done by Im6.